Miranda Lorikeet

Lazy Bones
"I use art as an outlet because it’s one place you can be totally free,
and what is more free than the ocean!?"

Miranda lives in Sydney, Australia and draws all her pictures on Microsoft Paint. She loves the challenge that comes with using such a dated program, and wanted to show her audience how it is not about the tools that you have, but how you use them. Anyone can draw with photoshop, but not everyone can create a masterpiece with MS Paint. Her drawings focus on themes of isolation, femininity and the ocean. She draws pastel landscapes to escape to, make-believe tropical paradises where naked women roam free and swim in turquoise lagoons. She lives in a  little house in the city with her best friend and my pet snake. She drives a 1996 Honda Civic and collects vinyl, plays the Appalachian dulcimer, guitar and the banjo (badly). 

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