Tide Talks to London Girls Surf Club

The importance of giving people the opportunity to connect with the ocean is a powerful thing. We recently learnt about an incredible girls only surf club (sorry boys) called London Girl Surf Club based out of London which arranges surfing trips from London to the coast, currently North Devon. It gives landlocked women the opportunity to unleash their inner mermaids, dipping their toes into the water and learning to surf with qualified instructors. Tide Studio had the opportunity to talk to Kylie Griffiths the founder of London Girl Surf Club at their screening to launch their film at House of Vans in London.  Tide: We love what London Girls Surf Club is doing, how did the idea come about?  Kylie: The idea came about...

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If anyone knows the oceans more, it’s surfers. Surfers have a respect and care for the ocean, they are  eyewitness to some of the environmental destruction which is affecting our oceans and the future of this planet. In 1990 a group of Cornish surfers joined forces and started Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) in reaction to continuous sewage leaks into the oceans, the organisation swiftly created a well-known movement calling for improved water quality UK-wide. In 2012, Surfers Against Sewage took a vital step forward and was established as a national marine conservation charity focused on the protection of waves, oceans, beaches, marine wildlife and coastal communities. A huge issue globally currently affecting our planet's oceans and beaches is marine litter,...

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